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Thanks to www.gamereplays for this work


Farmland USA Post-12881-1185168223

The Golden Planes of California's Central Valley, a long stretch of farmland running from Los Angles in the to Mount Shasta in the north, its piece and serenity were shattered by the approaching foes that would leave its fertile earth scorched and cratered by the impending storm.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185342406

The Golden Planes of California's Central Valley, A long stretch of farmland running from Los Angles in the south to
Mount Shasta in the north, its peace and serenity were shattered by the approachin foes that would leave its fertile earth scorched and cratered by the impending storm.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185342543

Farmland has always been overshadowed by the popularity of Hometown USA and is often considered boring by many players. The lack of cover and large amount of open ground seems to slow the pace of the game.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185342394

From the first time that you look at Farmland you can see that USA has an advantage of having two CPs close to their drop zone compared to Russia's one. It is obvious that the best bet for the USA is to play with a strong defense since they have more CPs close to them. Russia is hard pressed to gain CPs and even harder pressed to hold them for long enough to win.

Map Division

Farmland is a relatively large map with all of the command points focused into the middle and thus that is where the most fierce fighting takes place. The map devision for Farmland is best described as divided into Inner and Outer Battle Areas.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341974

Inner Battle Area
The Inner Battle Area of Farmland contains all of the maps four command points. The Airstrip, Which lying very close to the drop zone of the USA should be one of their primary objectives. The North Farm, Also very close to American drop zone it provides very good cover for infantry. The Crop Refinery, Right by the Russian drop zone this is an easy early grab for TA and has some good cover for infantry. And smack in the middle is The Bridge where some of the largest battles take place.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341628

Outer Battle Area

The Outer Battle Area is pretty much everywhere that isnt the Inner Area. It is full of open fields with little cover. What little cover their is lies in irrevelant places not allowing much advancing especially for infantry. Support players need to be extra careful on this map as they have nowhere to hide their arty and AA to ambush enemy helos.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341676

Command Points

Just like all maps in WiC Farmland is divided into Command Points(CPs). These are the keys to winning games, the more CPs you have the faster your domination is. Farmland has Four CPs, Two lie very close to the American drop zone (The Airstrip and The North Farm), One lies close to the Russian drop zone (The Crop Refinery), and one is in the middle of the map and an equal distance from both drop zones (The Bridge).

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341665

The Airstrip

This CP is isolate from the rest of the CPs on the map but it provides easy access into the dropzones of both factions (especially USA) and thus is very important. It has good tree cover for infantry but is often subject to napalm strikes so infantry players need to constantly being moving their units. If the Airstrip is held by American infantry it makes it incredibly difficult for Russian infantry to assault it because of the river and small area of open ground that they must cover.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341697

The North Farm

Close to the American drop zone it is an easy grab for any player not playing air and thus should be grabbed right away. The large amount of buildings provides excellent cover for infantry, so long as it is not battered into submission by artillery or TA strikes, as soon as the buildings are gone infantry players must resort to the outlying trees. The North Farm provides a backroute to the Crop Refinery and vice versa, but the space in between is filled with a large field with no cover making the advancing of infantry and armor very difficult so it must be a team effort to get your ground pounding units to the Crop Refinery. If held by the Russians it provides direct access into the American drop zone for them to cause havoc.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341730

The Crop Refinery

The Crop Refinery is the closest CP to the Russian drop zone and impossible for the USA to grab early unless it is completely ignored. Its position on the hill and buildings for cover allows any infantry player to put a sniper or two in hiding and pick of any enemy infantry that attempts to assault the Refinery. Its route to the North Farm is dangerous and covered by an open field so any player must be careful before attempting to move on the Farm. It also gives a good view of the bridge allowing for good support to hammer enemy units in that area.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341720

The Bridge

The Bridge lies in the middle of the map and is often fought over for the whole game with no one really having definitive control of it. The bridge has some trees along the river on either side which can hide infantry and one building on the Russian side of the bridge. The bridge is very important because from it you can assault all of the other CPs on the map or move in on the enemies drop zone both of which are devestating blows. The frequency of and ferocity of how often the bridge is hit by artillery makes it very hard for any player to hold for long enough to set up defenses.

Farmland USA Post-71665-1185341709

General Tactics

Farmland USA Post-3-1183851306
American Strategy

The Americans have easy access to two CPs at the start of the game that the Russians have little chance of getting to before them, The Airstrip and the North Farm. And then there is the Bridge, pretty much equal distance from both sidesit is a sprint to see who can grab it first. Any ground unit can easily grab either of the first two CPs without having to worry too much, but the best way to grab the Bridge is with a mix of tanks and AA, if you send tanks alone then heavy helos will rip them apart and if you send only AA then enemy tanks will dispatch them easily, likewise it is very difficult for infantry to make a strong assault on the bridge because of Artillery. If the bridge can be taken and held early then the Russians are left to defend the Crop refinery from basically all sides, another tactic for the USA could be to destroy the bridge making it very difficult for the Russians to get it thus theoretically tying the amount of CPs held. The best use for American Infantry is to defend fortify and defend the Airstrip and the North Farm. Two separate Air players can easily dominate the Russian portion of the map if one spams heavy helos and one spams mediums, if played right then artillery has little chance of making a decisive performance in the game, freeing up your armor and infantry to make advances. A good tactic to employ is to try and get armor to the Crop Refinery via the route from the North Farm, to do this they will need air support and AA support but once they reach the Refinery they can hold it long enough for infantry to arrive and strengthen a garrison there.

Farmland USA Post-3-1183851317
Russian Strategy

Russians have easy access to only one CP (Crop Refinery), and thus must do their best to get a strong force to the bridge early to tie the amount of CPs held. A tank and AA spam to the bridge is sufficient to grab and hold it for long enough to get defenses set up. Infantry players should concentrate on using the side routes to attack the Air Strip and the North Farm. The best tactic for air players to employ is to hunt down enemy artillery and free up your infantry to make advances. If the Russians can get a group of armor coupled with some AA to cover them then they should attempt to harass the enemies drop zone since there is little cover. Infantry players hoping to assault the North Farm can try and use amphibious transports to come across the river and avoid some of the Americans units. If one infantry player can gain control of the Air strip and use TA strikes effectively then they should be able to repel anything short of a full scale assault at which points you can bet that the other CPs aren't heavily defended. Destroying the bridge is not an option for Russians since it is more vital for them to hold than it is for the Americans, so if it is destroyed rebuilding it should be a main priority.


Farmland USA Post-48363-1184611434
Air Tactics

Air plays a very strong role on this map much as does on other maps. The lack of cover and limited areas for artillery to stay and still have a good firing position gives Air players a very good chance of racking up the kills. Because of how hard artillery can hit advancing tanks or infantry on farmland Air is very important to take out the enemies artillery freeing up your allies to advance.

Air Teamplay Strategy

Playing as a team is important in any game with any role at every time. But for Air Role it can be one of the most devastating things for your enemy, which if played correctly can be stopped by nothing short of an AA spam or a nuke. I would recommend for one player to never mix Heavy and Medium Helicopters, It takes away much of the ability to quickly dispatch armor and support and the lack of mediums cant adequately protect the Heavy helos. The best tactic to employ on this map is get two Air players to have an agreement to work together for the whole game. One player makes strictly Heavy Attack helicopters and the other makes strictly Medium Attack helicopters. This allows for groundpounding support and armor players coupled with the defense from other helos. This strat can be changed depending upon what the enemy does, if they are spamming too many helos for only one air player to beat then have two players spam medium helos to take them out.

Farmland USA Post-12881-1185671325

Scouting the enemy

Scouting is often underused by air players, it can save yourself and your teammates having to spend the TA to do a radar scan of the area, TA which could be used to take out advancing enemy units or land a devastating nuclear attack. Scout Helos are incredibly vulnerable and thus should be kept at a safe distance and avoid any enemy contact at anytime. Scouting can provide allied artillery with positions of enemy artillery, help armor and infantry players known when to advance and where to avoid, or help you hunt down enemy helos.

Farmland USA Post-12881-1185671341

Transporting Allied Infantry

It is a common belief among Air players that transporting allied infantry is of little value. In all reality, while it may not be as exciting as dominating enemy helos with your medium spam, or owning the enemies drop zone with heavy ones, it can be a game changer. The ability to move infantry at the speed of a helo is an incredable bonus, being able to drop six groups of infantry behind enemy lines can easily be more than enough to secure a CP or to unleash them upon the enemies dropzone. If you can transport enough then, though your points will not be one of the top scores most likely it can be a necessary sacrifice for the good of the team.

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