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Air text from gamespot.com Chopers


If you enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay, then aerial combat is probably right up your alley. Choppers can quickly decimate an opposing force of tanks or chop down infantry if they catch them in the open, and are much more agile when moving around the battlefield than any other unit.

Air units are unique in that they can't capture control points, which can make them a liability in close games. If you're in a must-win round and neither side seems to be capable of getting the upper hand, switching from air to armor or infantry will sometimes be the smart way to go; even a couple more tanks can sometimes make all the difference in the world if a stalemate is going down.

Using Air

Offensive Choppers

You have four choppers to choose from here, but only two of them are offensive. Heavy choppers are your groundpounders; they possess rockets that can easily destroy any vehicle that you spot, in addition to an offensive ability that can one-shot most vehicles. In addition, they can usually wear down and destroy most buildings without too much of a problem, although this takes some time unless you have multiple heavies on your side. Note that heavy choppers fire rocket barrages that take a bit of time to reload. If you want to finish off the last slice of an enemy unit, you don't have to wait for the choppers to reload; simply right-click on the enemy unit and they'll fire whatever rockets they've already reloaded, even if they haven't loaded a full complement yet.

Medium choppers are more specialized. They don't do nearly as much damage to vehicles as heavy choppers do, although they seem to be a bit better at firing on infantry. However, they're very powerful against enemy choppers. They can fire on them normally for heavy damage or use their offensive ability to fire an air-to-air missile that will one-shot most enemy choppers. If you like playing a spoiler, then you can make a squad of two or three medium choppers, keep them in reserve, and fly them towards any enemy choppers that you spot and quickly take them down in a precision strike before moving them back to a far corner of the map. It might be unorthodox, but most players usually seem to focus on heavy choppers over mediums, since they want to fire on your ground units and rack up a lot of kills. If you want to make them pay for their mistake while also protecting the other players on your team, medium choppers are a good start.

Choppers are great for quickly scouting and destroying enemy units, but you need to constantly be moving them and watching their health bars in order to ensure that they don't get killed. What you typically want to do is separate your choppers into groups of heavy and medium units, using the heavies to dart in and fire at enemy tanks that are in conflict with your own, then dart out before your foes can call down air-to-air strikes on you. If you spot enemy helicopters that are performing the same action, use your medium choppers to take them down; there'll be plenty of them to choose from in any given game. Just try to always keep your choppers on the move, and always be watching their health bars.

Other Choppers

In addition, you can also call in the lowly scout chopper and transport chopper. Scout choppers are very lightly armed and armored, and are mostly used for scouting enemy positions. Unfortunately, this is most useful against enemy artillery, which is usually going to be protected by anti-air units that will quickly shoot down your choppers. It can also be handy for flying above a control point near a town or forest and using the IR Scan ability to see if there are any infantry units hidden nearby, but again, even infantry will quickly shoot down a scout chopper.

Transport choppers are used to shuttle infantry units around the battlefield, but are unarmed and will be quickly shot down if they encounter any hostile forces. You can make good use of them if you're teaming up with an infantry-based player, but if you're acting solo, you're generally not going to need them.

Defeating Air

Anti-air units are in the domain of the Support role, but these are usually used to defend weak units like artillery from the predations of enemy choppers; you won't often see them escorting enemy tanks, although this may happen if your opponents are playing well as a team. They don't move particularly fast, but by the time you get within range of them, they'll probably already be chopping down your choppers, especially when you come across the heavy anti-aircraft forces. If you do happen to come across anti-aircraft units, you can choose to either run away while dropping flares (which will confuse the missiles from heavy anti-air units), or simply focus your fire on the units that are attacking you. Since heavy choppers are designed to destroy vehicles, anti-aircraft vehicles will quickly explode under your fire, but they will inflict a lot of damage on you in the meantime.

Medium choppers are the next best option, and allow you to take a much more aggressive stance against enemy choppers. Their offensive ability will shoot down most choppers in one hit, and their fire will quickly finish off anything that they can't kill. A group of medium choppers will usually be able to take out a group of heavy choppers twice its size, assuming that you use your offensive abilities wisely, since heavy choppers have a difficult time firing on enemy aircraft.

Of course, if your opponents are foolish enough to leave their choppers in one place for too long, you can simply call down an air-to-air tactical strike on top of their position, which will immediately wipe them out. Most other tactical aid abilities won't affect aircraft, although heavy air strikes, daisy cutters/fuel air bombs, and nukes will all destroy enemy choppers.
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Air text from gamespot.com
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