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 Support Units

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important: This work was maded for www.gamereplays.org team. thanks for it.
World in Conflict Support Role

The Support Role is probably one of the most diverse roles available, with many different uses. Besides its very effective Mobile Artillery and Anti-Air vehicles, the support role also includes repair tanks that can aid friendly tanks. The support role can be hard to master, but it is an essential role for a strong and intimidating army.

Heavy Artillery
Support Units Heavy-art

Good vs All Infantry, Light and Medium Tanks, Troop Transports, Other Artillery, Anti-Air
Weak vs Heavy Tanks, Helicopters, Close in Infantry
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive)
Cost: 1900
Description: These units have the most powerful attack in the game and rain down fiery death virtually anywhere on the battlefield. They are defenseless at close range however so do not let units get under your guns.

Medium Artillery
Support Units Medium-art

Good vs All Infantry, Light vehicles, Anti-Air,
Weak vs Medium and Heavy Tanks, Helicopters
Special Abilities: Phosphorous Shell(USSR) (offensive)
Cost: 900
Description: While not as powerful or as long ranged as their Heavy counterparts, these mobile mortars are faster and have a shorter minimum range. They are very effective against light vehicles but lack close in defense making them extremely vulnerable to Helicopters and Tanks.

Heavy Anti-Air
Support Units Heavy-antiair

Good vs All Helicopters
Weak vs Everything else
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive)
Cost: 900
Description: These are the ultimate counter to helicopters. Firing missiles of death at terrifyingly high speeds, these mobile SAMs can tear through unsuspecting fly boys with little or no damage. However, they are totally defenseless against other units and should never be used in open conflict.

Medium Anti-Air
Support Units Mediumantiair

Good vs All Helicopters, Infantry, Light Vehicles
Weak vs Tanks, APCs, Artillary
Special Powers: Lower AA Guns
Cost: 650
Description: While they may be called Medium Anti-Air, there is nothing Medium about this units firepower. Even though they tend to miss at longer ranges, these rolling gattling guns shred helicopters that fly too close and can also lower their guns in self defense. Watch out for Tanks and APCs though, you AA bullets do nothing against their armor.

Repair Tank
Support Units Repair

Good vs All light vehicles
Weak vs Helicopters, Tanks, Infantry, Artillery
Special Powers: Smoke Screen (defensive)
Cost: 900
Description: While they do not have the firepower or Armor of a tank, these rolling repair stations can heal even the most damaged vehicles in seconds. They are a huge addition to your army, especially if repairing vehicles in combat.
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Support Units
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