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 Air Units

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important: This work was maded for www.gamereplays.org team. thanks for it.
World in Conflict Air Role

The air role is perfect for commanders who prefer fast movement and high attack power. The transport and scout helicopters also give the team the benefit of larger visual range and mobility on the battlefield. But although the air role is a powerful offensive force, it lacks the ability to capture Command Points.


Heavy Helicopter
Air Units Heavy-helo

Good vs All ground vehicles
Weak vs Anti-Air, Infantry, Medium Helicopters
Special Abilities: Flares (defensive), Anti-Tank Missie (offensive)
Cost: 1200
Description: If you want firepower to go, this is your unit. It rapes everything on the ground from tanks to Artillery. Watch out for Anti-Air though, as you can only beat it if you know it's there. Avoid Medium Coppers at all costs as they will turn your flying wonder into a pile of burned metal.


Medium Helicopter
Air Units Medium-helo

Good vs Other Helicopters, Light Vehicles, Infantry
Weak vs Anti-Air, Armored Transports, Concealed Infantry
Special Abilities: Flares (defensive), Air-to-Air Missile (offensive)
Cost: 900
Description: These fast and fragile helicopters are the ultimate anti-helicopter weapon, able to quickly hunt down and destroy enemy fliers. As an added bonus, they are also good against light ground vehicles. Beware of Anti-Air However, as these choppers have very little health and go down in a few seconds.


Transport Helicopter
Air Units Transp-helo

Good vs Nothing
Weak vs Anything that can shoot at it
Special Abilities: Flares (defensive)
Cost: 650
Description: This big and cumbersome chopper has no place in a fight but is the ultimate troop transport. Carrying a squad of Infantry, this weaponless helicopter turns into a potent weapon, capable of flying a few squads anywhere on the map with a moments notice. Be careful not to fly over AA or run into Medium Choppers as if your transport is shot down, the troops inside will not survive.


Scout Helicopter
Air Units Scout-helo

Good vs Nothing
Weak vs Anything that can shoot at it
Special Abilities: Flares (defensive)
Cost: 600
Description: This is another teamwork unit that, if used correctly can bring a world of hurt down on your enemy. With its gigantic line of sight, this little helicopter can spot enemy movements and fortifications so friendly artillery can send fiery presents to you enemy. Be wary of enemy Anti-Air units though, as they can bring your joy ride to an abrupt end.

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Air Units
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