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 Armor Units

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important: This work was maded for www.gamereplays.org team. thanks for it.
World in Conflict Armor Role

The armor role is for anyone who likes to keep it simple. With unparalleled armor protection, the armor role is a powerful presence on ground. Tanks hold their ground very well, and the transport vehicles work as helpful aid in fast-paced advancements and give tanks some moderate protection against enemy helicopters.

Heavy Tank
Armor Units Heavytan

Good vs Other Tanks, Infantry, Artillery, Anti-Air
Weak vs Helicopters, Infantry in forests or buildings
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive), HEAT round (offensive)
Cost: 1200
Description: This is the most powerful land unit in the game. While it is slow and cumbersome, four Heavy Tanks can punch through any defensive barrier and wreak havoc behind enemy lines. Beware of Heavy Helos though as they can tear this unit to shreds in a few seconds.

Medium Tank
Armor Units Medium

Good vs Light Tanks, APCs, Infantry, Artillery, Anti-Air
Weak vs Medium and Heavy Helicopters, Heavy Tanks, Artillery
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive), Fragmentation Shell (offensive)
Cost: 800
Description: This unit is the backbone of a strike force. While they are not as powerful against other tanks as their heavier counterparts, they are better vs infantry because of their Fragmentation Rounds. Like their other tank brethren, they are extremely vulnerable to Helicopters.

Light Tank
Armor Units Light

Good vs Artillery, Anti-Air, Troop Transports
Weak vs Heavy Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Tank Infantry, Medium and Heavy Helicopters.
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive), Anti-Tank missile (offensive)
Cost: 600
Description: These are the lightest of the tanks and while they can hold their own against Medium Tanks with their AT missiles, they are no match for Heavy Tanks. Without superior armor, Light Tanks get shredded by Artillery and Helicopters but are good for spamming at the beginning of matches in order to gain map control quickly.

Amphibious Armored Transport
Armor Units Anfibio

Good vs Light Transports, Light and Medium Helicopters, Light Tanks, Infantry
Weak vs Heavy Helicopters, Heavy and Medium Tanks, Heavy Artillery
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive), Grenade Launcher(NATO, USA), Incendiary Rounds(USSR) (offensive)
Cost: 650
Description: These Armored Transports are the only unit that can go on water. They are great for transporting Infantry behind enemy lines as well as fending off attacks from lighter units. In the face of heavy fire however, this floating Troop Carrier becomes a floating death barge.

Armored Transport
Armor Units Armored

Good vs Helicopters, Light and Medium Tanks, Anit-Air, Artillery, Infantry
Weak vs Heavy Tanks, Heavy Artillery, AT Infantry
Special Abilities: Smoke Screen (defensive), AT missile(USSR, USA), 30mm AP rounds(NATO) (offensive)
Cost: 750
Description: These fast rolling units, unlike their amphibious counterparts, have slightly more armor and greater attack. They can fend off Medium and Light Tanks with their AT missiles (USA, USSR) and royally rape Air units when in mass (especially the NATO APC). They cringe however, in the face of Heavy Tanks and AT infantry, and are pulverized by Artillery.
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Armor Units
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