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PostSubject: GET CONTROL FOR REPLAYS   Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:57 pm

In your My Documents\World in Conflict folder you create a txt file and
name it wicautoexec.txt. You can right-click in the folder and select
"New" to create a text file.
Open it and paste the following:

bind up play_on
alias play_on time.scale 1; bind right ff_normal_on; bind
left slowmo_normal_on

bind down
alias stop_on time.scale 0; bind right
ff_normal_on; bind left slowmo_normal_on

bind right ff_normal_on
ff_normal_on time.scale 3; bind left slowmo_normal_on; bind right ff_fast_on
alias ff_fast_on time.scale 12; bind right ff_normal_on

bind left slowmo_normal_on
alias slowmo_normal_on time.scale 0.25; bind left

alias slowmo_slow_on time.scale 0.1; bind
left slowmo_normal_on

And then save the file.
The arrow keys will now be your remote control. Right will toggle between fast and super-fast forward. Down will pause/stop, Left will toggle between slow and super-slow motion and Up will return you to normal speed.
You can of course substitute "up", "down", "left" and "right" with any
keys you want in the wicautoexec.txt file. You can also change the
"time.scale X" values to your liking.
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