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 1st Replay of the Week (www.gamereplays.org)

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PostSubject: 1st Replay of the Week (www.gamereplays.org)   1st Replay of the Week (www.gamereplays.org) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2007 5:05 pm

1st Replay of the Week from www.gamereplays.org
Download Replay HERE


Starting positions:
[|GR|] - Nato
-=^.^=-/HKIA - USSR

Game mode: Assault


An entertaining game between two not completely equal teams. While the end result was very tight, [|GR|] were overall the better team. This game is recommended the watch for everyone who is looking for some entertaining and who wants to see a game that shows how WiC can look like compared to the usual 8vs8 games.


A good game by you with only a few flaws. You were aggressive in your attack phase and knew how to turtle in your defense phase and showed, at least in the attack phase, that you can act foresighted.
Your start was okay, you weren't able to breach through in the beginning and fought quite long for the first check point. Your unit choice was pretty good, you were able to defeat your opponent's heavy tanks by mucking them around until you could fire with your artillery on them. Then you advanced quickly to the next point and took it over faster than you did with the first point, already airdropping transports one point further. This helped you taking that point over and you could eventually advance until the end.
In the defense phase you were very solid and defended the second point for a pretty long time, your problem was though that you concentrated way too much on infantry and therefore got taken by suprise by only one chemical strike that wiped out nearly all of your forces. Then it all went very fast and you had to fight for your win again, but finally managed to do it.
Your micro was pretty good, you dogded possible TAs and retreated infantry out of bombarded houses, you also used your TA strikes very good, you were able to deal lots of damage with them, not all of them hit though.
Tips for improvement
Don't rely too much on infantry, you saw what happened when you relied only on them, you got wiped out by one chemical strike.
Don't overuse airstrikes, one time you wasted two airstrikes on a heavy artillery and two medium artilleries, you could have destroyed them with one tank buster. Tank busters cost 6 TA while two airstrikes cost 20 TA with the same result.
If you airstrike enemy perimeters, be sure that you have units that you can send in immediately after that strike, otherwise the strike was a waste!

Well, not a very good game by you. You have to improve on not only one point and you sometimes had a lack of ideas.
In your defense phase, you defended okay, you were able to hold the first point for a pretty long time but couldn't continue your good beginning and got overrun by your opponents until you reached the last but one point, you could hold it pretty good again.
Your attack phase could also be improved, although you managed to take over the first point in time you couldn't keep it up again, you simply didn't know how to breach through all their infantry units and found the solution(chemical strike) too late. You could use that "WTF" moment your opponents were in though and quickly made it to the last but one point but were too slow in capturing it.
Your micro has to be improved a lot, you lost lots of units to dodgeable TAs like Air-to-Air-strikes and airstrikes. There was also one moment were I could only shake my head, you lost all your heavy artillery guns to one heavily damaged Leopard when you only needed one or two more hits to destroy it.
Tips for improvement
Keep your units always on the move and try to move your helicopters even more, I saw that you were trying to dogdge AtA-strikes but you didn't move them enough.
Make use of infantry, the whole game over you never had any infantry units although they could have helped you very much.
It is urgent to get AA once your opponent has got choppers, even when your opponents had five heavy choppers you didn't get ANY AA. This was probably one of the reasons that lost you the game.
Don't waste your units at situations where you could easily save them, e.g. don't move into areas fortified by infantry but take them out with artillery/TA before moving in, this way you can reduce your losses.
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1st Replay of the Week (www.gamereplays.org)
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