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 tips from hamachi team to fix problems to play

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tips from hamachi team to fix problems to play Empty
PostSubject: tips from hamachi team to fix problems to play   tips from hamachi team to fix problems to play Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2007 8:11 am

"Hamachi is no longer supported, and we will not guarantee it will work with future server changes.

Instead of bandaiding the problem, you could try implementing the one change that is different between the two, which is the adapter priority.

First, follow the instructions http://logmeinwiki.com/wiki/Hamachi:Gaming_over_Hamachi to ensure your computer is set up properly to handle gaming over a VPN.

Game specific instructions (what we've had posted) are located

The common questions/comments:
"It worked in the older version, but doesn't anymore. Why?" In order to make Hamachi more compatible with real VPN environments, the binding order was changed to have Hamachi's adapter have the lowest priority. Games are particularly bad at not having a networking setup capable of intelligently working on a multiple network adapter system. Instructions in raising the Hamachi adapter's priority are in the first link above.

"I turned off my firewall, and it still doesn't work."
Turning off a software firewall does not help resolve your issue.

"Ping doesn't work, but chat does"
Your firewall is blocking traffic at the adapter level. Chat traffic is inserted directly into the Hamachi tunnel, so it does not traverse the adapter.

"Ping and chat both don't work"

"The game is laggy, or frequently disconnects"
This is caused by latency and/or packet loss. Reduce the amount of bandwidth you're using, increase the bandwidth of your connection (ie, upgrade your Intenet connection), or try setting a static port. A static port eliminates a potential bottleneck of the NAT engine on your router. If you don't use a router, this doesn't do anything.

These steps cover over 90% of all gaming related issues you'll see when trying to game over the Hamachi VPN service.

In an effort to reduce the congestion of "My game doesn't work" posts that clutter this forum, post that do not indicate these simple steps have been followed will be removed periodically, whether replied to or not. Thank you for your understanding.
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tips from hamachi team to fix problems to play
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