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 Infantry Units

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important: This work was maded for www.gamereplays.org team. thanks for it.
World in Conflict Infantry Role

The infantry role puts a lot of demands on the commander. Being the most vulnerable to enemy fire, infantry units have to depend on movement and stealth to survive against enemy vehicles. Able to hide in forests and buildings, infantry units are most at home in the forests and larger cities. Armed with highly effective firearms, they pose a big threat against all other roles if played well.


Standard Infantry
Infantry Units St-inf

Good vs Helicopters, Other Infantry, Light Vehicles
Weak vs Tanks, APCs, Snipers, Artillery
Special Abilities: Sprint (defensive), Launch Grenades (offensive)
Cost: 650
Description: These are your general all purpose Infantry Squad. They have two riflemen, a Medic, a Anti-Air Soldier and an Anti-Tank Soldier. While they are a the most versitile unit in the game, they are best when mixed with other units. Keep your infantry on the move as they are easy prey for Artillery.

Anti-Tank Infantry
Infantry Units Anti-tan

Good vs All Vehicles
Weak vs Everything Else, Artillery
Special Abilities: Sprint (defensive)
Cost: 800
Description: This squad is the ultimate counter to vehicles, especially when in forests or buildings. Each squad has 3 Anti-Tank Soldiers and 3 Riflemen that can act as medics. Like Regular Infantry, these soldiers of death are torn to pieces by Artillery fire but are also very susceptible to Helicopters.


Infantry Units Sniper

Good vs All Infantry
Weak vs Everything Else
Special Abilities: Sprint (defensive)
Cost: 500
Description: While only a single unit, Snipers are the ultimate Anti-Infantry. They have a huge range and one shot kill all Infantry. These slippery units also have awesome stealth capabilities with their able to fire without being detected. However, Snipers have very low health and cannot target non-Infantry units. One vehicle can ruin a Snipers day.


Demolition Engineer
Infantry Units Dem

Good vs Anything in the C4 blast radius
Weak vs Everything
Special Abilities: Sprint (defensive), Place/Detonate C4 (offensive)
Cost: 600
Description: These little one man units pack a huge punch with their C4 charges. While they have no standard attack, they can plant C4 and blow up bridges, buildings, and any units within the blast radius. They are great for ambushes and controlling choke points but are extremely vulnerable to any attacks.


Transport Truck
Infantry Units Transp

Good vs Nothing
Weak vs Everything
Special Abilities: none
Cost: 300
Description: Standard Troop carriers, these trucks come with the capability to transport units across the map. However, They have very low health and are completely defenseless so keep them out of the line of fire.

Troop Transport
Infantry Units Troop

Good vs Infantry, Light Vehicles, Light Helicopters
Weak vs Helicopters, Tanks, APCs, Artillery
Special Abilities: AP Rounds (offensive)
Cost: 550
Description: These are fast troop carriers, capable of moving infantry with speed. They also have the ability to repair, making them invaluable in front line combat. However, they have very little health and should be kept out of direct combat.
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Infantry Units
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